Benefitscarrots1 of Carrots

You either love them, hate them, raw or cooked the preference is yours. One of the most useful vegetables in the World and packed with Nutritional value and Health giving properties. It is certainly worth doing your homework on this little beauty.
With this orange crunchy power food you get vitamin A and a host of other powerful health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti-aging. 
Benefits of Carrots
1.  Improved Vision
There is an understanding of carrots being “good for the eyes” this is one we got right. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is transformed in the retina, to rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for night vision. Beta-carotene has also been shown to protect against macular degeneration and senile cataracts.
A study found that people who eat the most beta-carotene had 40 percent lower risk of macular degeneration than those who consumed little.
2.  Cancer Prevention
Studies have shown carrots reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Researchers have just discovered falcarinol and falcarindiol which they feel cause the anticancer properties.
Falcarinol is a natural pesticide produced by the carrot that protects its roots from fungal diseases. Carrots are one of the only common sources of this compound. A study showed 1/3 lower cancer risk by carrot-eating mice.
3.  Anti-Aging
The high level of beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant to cell damage done to the body through regular metabolism.  It helps to slow down the aging of cells.
4.  Healthy Glowing Skin (from the inside)
Vitamin A and antioxidants protects the skin from sun damage. Deficiencies of Vitamin A cause dryness to the skin, hair and nails. Vitamin A prevents premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, pigmentation, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.
5.  A Powerful Antiseptic
Carrots are known by herbalists to prevent infection. They can be used on cuts – shredded raw or boiled and mashed.
6.  Beautiful Skin (from the outside)
Carrots are used as an inexpensive and very convenient facial mask.  Just mix grated carrot with a bit of honey. 
7.  Prevent Heart Disease
Studies show that diets high in carotenoids are associated with a lower risk of heart disease.  Carrots have not only beta-carotene but also alpha-carotene and lutein.
The regular consumption of carrots also reduces cholesterol levels because the soluble fibers in carrots bind with bile acids.
8.  Cleanse the Body 
Vitamin A assists the liver in flushing out the toxins from the body. It reduces the bile and fat in the liver. The fibers present in carrots help clean out the colon and hasten waste movement.
9.  Healthy Teeth and Gums
It’s all in the crunch! Carrots clean your teeth and mouth. They scrape off plaque and food particles just like toothbrushes or toothpaste.  Carrots stimulate gums and  trigger a lot of saliva, which being alkaline, balances out the acid-forming, cavity-forming bacteria.  The minerals in carrots prevent tooth damage.
10.  Prevent Stroke:
From all the above benefits it is no surprise that in a Harvard University study, people who ate more than six carrots a week are less likely to suffer a stroke than those who ate only one carrot a month or less.
Carrot & Oatmeal Biscuits
BAKING: 12-15 Minutes
225g Butter
200g Sugar
340g Golden Syrup
1 Egg
250g Flour1f52cc16611f11e3a5870ad1d5d3af2d_8
1 tsp Bicarb of Soda
¾ tsp Salt
½ tsp Vanilla Essence
125g grated Carrots
170g Porridge Oats
Preheat oven to 180C degrees/ Gas mark 4
 1.    Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C /gas mark 4.
2.    Cream butter and sugar together. Mix in golden syrup and then the beaten egg.
        Stir in the dry sifted ingredients until well mixed.
3.    Stir in carrots and oats.
4.    Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased baking tray.

5.    Bake for 12 to 15 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.