I am fascinated by the continuous barrage of recommendations that we receive and contradictions about Foods that are good and those which are bad for us. Continuously it is apparent that we learn more and more and that nothing is finite. Just as life is given to us, it surely will be taken away from us sooner or later and the one definite is that we cannot buy eternity.

I am old enough to remember the food that my grandmother served and her cooking methods. Wholesome food, fresh off of the land and purchased from a local supplier, tested and tried for many a year. I wonder how much of our allergies and health issues now are of man’s commercial manufacture as food production becomes more and more refined and engineered. We have little to do but trust the masters of these industries that they have a due diligence of care for our welfare but do they? Or is profit, competition and market share the true driver. Certainly I am suspicious of the motives of Big Pharma for general everyday medicines.


Our diets should be varied and not dominated by one single food especially when it comes to the convenience of popular ‘Fast Foods’ though the temptation is so in your face and ‘Time’ the ever present demon in the equation.

We all have a responsibility of taking care of ourselves and cannot and should not pass that natural instinct of self sufficiency to another party – our life and health is our own individual responsibility not someone else’s. We all have choices and are not obligated to follow fashion or trends. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs or desires or when something is wrong or over indulgent.


Following this belief and concerned about friends who have contracted an illness or ailment I have continued to look at foods and the benefits that they may hold. The benefits of the internet for research and information can sometimes be alarming and sometimes can help with understanding numerous things how you react to what you find is your choice.


Medicinal Research has for several years boasted the benefits of Olive Oil. Personally I am not a great lover of some of the Oils, as I find them too rich or too flavoursome. In recent years I have favoured Rice Bran Oil. This is also cheaper than many of the better Olive Oils, is quite bland and allows the natural flavour of foods through. It is good for cooking as well as having some applied health benefits.

Sesame OilMore recently however I have come across Sesame Oil (not the Chinese Toasted one) Pure Cold Pressed. The health benefits of Sesame are amazing. In fact, this nutrient dense food has been used for over 5000 years. Many consider Sesame Oil a medicinal food and its use has grown in popularity. As a matter of fact, sesame oil can provide benefits for your skin, teeth and bones as well as other health benefits. Another Oil I find in the bathroom cabinet is Almond Oil. I would urge you as always look at things from a different angle and do some research of your own. When shopping for Oil look at what else in on the shelf and see what you can find.

Chocolate mousse



200g Dark Chocolate (the type will determine the sweetness)
3 Avocados
3 tablespoons Rice Bran Oil
Melt the Chocolate.
Blend together the Avocado and Oil till really smooth
Mix the Chocolate and Avocado cream together
Divide into dishes (about four small) serve immediately or refrigerate.
(They are best served at room temperature)