I could express a growing concern for the apparent readiness there is for the prescribing of drugs and would confess to personal experience of some of the side effects.

There is disregard for foods that are grown around the world and their therapeutic qualities from which no profit can be made. I recently had cause to spend a weekend researching and found some interesting foods and would urge you to also look on the internet or local library.


One of the best reasons to enjoy quinoa is because it has a high-protein content, which makes it a great cholesterol-free and low-fat source of protein for vegetarians and vegans

Butternut Squash:

Low in fat, butternut squash delivers an ample dose of dietary fibre, making it an exceptionally heart-friendly choice. It provides significant amounts of potassium, important for bone health, and vitamin B6, essential for the proper functioning of both the nervous and immune systems.

Sweet Potato

There are a surprising number of nutrient categories responsible for the health benefits of this underappreciated tuber. Among these categories are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and blood sugar-regulating nutrients. Each category brings with it valuable health benefits.


 Bananas are one of our best sources of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. Since the average banana contains a whopping 467 mg of potassium and only 1 mg of sodium, a banana a day may help to prevent high blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis.

Using your Stick Blender or Small Food Processor

 How easy it is to create a Dip or Thick Sauce to accompany Crisps, Crudités, Bread Sticks.

Houmous – Combine Chick Peas, Clove of Garlic, Lemon Juice, Mayonnaise (Cumin Optional)

Guacamole – Combine Ripe Avocado, Mayonnaise, Worcestershire Sauce, Clove of Garlic

Blue Cheese  – Combine grated Blue Cheese and Mayonnaise

Sweetcorn and Cheddar – Mix together Mayonnaise, Grated Cheddar and Sweet corn Relish.

Minted Mayo – Combine Mint Jelly and Mayonnaise or use Fresh Mint or even Mint Sauce

Garlic Dip – Cloves of Garlic with Mayonnaise

Use Cream Cheese,  Mascarpone,  Crème Fraiche or Thick Greek Yoghurt instead of Mayonnaise.

Of course these can be served as a Salsa or accompaniment to BBQ’d Foods or Grilled Foods adjust Seasonings to suit your palate and experiment with other ingredients – ENJOY !