3 oz Butter
3 oz Flour
10 fl oz Milk
2 tsp Grain Mustard
4 ozs Grated Cheddar
1lb Brussels Sprouts – Blanched, cooled and drained.
1lb Leeks, trimmed and sliced
½ lb Garden Peas – blanched, cooled and drained.
Chopped Bacon Pieces
Grated Parmesan
S & P
Melt the Butter and tip in the Leeks and soften without colour. Add the flour and then the Milk little by little over the heat and stir in making a White Sauce. Add the Mustard and Grated Cheddar and Season (you may use a little Ground Nutmeg if you wish)
Once you have this nice gooey mixture tip in the Sprouts and Peas and carefully turn over mixing together. (a block of Cream Cheese or a dash of Double Cream will enrich this but is optional)
Tip all into an oven proof dish. Set aside or keep cool till finishing for serving.
For serving sprinkle the top with Chopped Bacon Pieces and Grated Parmesan and bake in a hot Oven till Golden on top and heated through (about 45 mins) then serve.