Turkey Fricassee with a Crispy Filo Topping

At this point I will write this with basics and options as the Fricassee could be served with Rice or Mashed Potato or added to Cooked Pasta so it can be very versatile. (Chicken can also be used)

1 Large Leek – Chopped

2 ozs Butter

2 ozs Flour

1 lb Cooked Turkey (Chicken) – cubed

Chicken Stock (about half a pint – make with Stock Cube if necessary)


Double Cream or Cream Cheese

 Adding options (all cooked) – Mushrooms – Sweetcorn – Broccoli Florets – Carrots – Peas – Bacon – Ham Cubes

Melt the Butter and sweat the Leeks in same (I like to do this in the microwave) add the flour and then slowly make a sauce by adding the Chicken stock stirring all the time to prevent lumping. Do not make it too watery.

  1. Now add the Cream or Cream Cheese to enrich the Sauce (I have used Mayonnaise on the odd occasion).
  2. Add the other ingredients – Cooked Meat and any other Vegetables or Ingredients you have chosen.
  3. Check consistency and seasoning. Place in a oven proof pie dish and cool.

1 Pack of Filo Pastry – Melted Butter.

Open Filo and spread out flat have a damp cloth to cover to avoid it drying out.

  1. Brush melted Butter over first layer.
  2. Carefully scrunch up like a piece of paper you are scrunching for the bin.
  3. Place the loose scrunched ball onto the mixture.
  4. Repeat process until several of the scrunchies have completely covered the filling.
  5. Dribble lightly with melted Butter.
  6. Place in a preheated oven at about 180 – 200 degrees C or equivalent and cook until Golden.
  7. Then Serve with New Boiled Potatoes, Crispy Salad or something of your choice.