As I write this morning the sky is blue with not a cloud in sight and the sun is out in full. A brief taste I fear of finer weather coming and thoughts of adventures outdoors. Lighter colourful foods.

I wonder how cute you were just before Easter with bargains galore. My friend text me “what has six legs and is on a bike?” The reply “Me with Legs of Lamb at £4.49 per kilo – they were bound for the freezer and one roasted instantly – It was delicious. Then another one – Whole Salmon at £5.50 a kilo – Filleted by the store and then trimmed and tidied up. Mine was turned in Salmon en Croute with Smoked Salmon and Wilted Spinach wrapped in Puff Pastry and served with a Watercress Hollandaise. Trimmings for the freezer – a Fish Pie maybe or a Pasta and Cream Sauce later.

We also had a collation of Fresh Asparagus, Kenya Beans and Cauliflower Florets. Simple for the Salmon dish. Then two days later leftovers enveloped in a Mustard and Cheese Sauce topped with a little more Cheese and baked in the oven till golden ‘au gratin’

Served with a nicely Roasted Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Carrots and Roasted Onions.

Just the right thing for a very wet Easter Monday.

The Asparagus season is creeping in and a joy to prepare either simply steamed or boiled with Mayonnaise or Hollandaise Sauce – why not add a Poached Egg. Have it on its’ own or as a side dish to Fish or simple Grills. You can make Quiche too. This month here’s a simple idea.

Asparagus Tart:

1 Packet of Ready Rolled Puff Pastry

110g Crème Fraiche

1 lge spoon of Grain Mustard

Asparagus Spears – trimmed and blanched

Egg wash

Toppings – see below

  1. Roll out the Pastry onto a Baking Sheets lined with parchment
  2. Score a line around the edge about ½ inch in – do not cut through the Pastry Prick the inside space with a fork.
  3. Mix together the Crème Fraiche and Mustard. (Add some Grated Cheese if you like)
  4. Spread over the inner surface of the Pastry not going over the scored edge
  5. Lay the Asparagus over. Egg wash the frame edge.
  6. Bake in a hot oven for about 20 mins.
  7. At this stage you could add some Parma Ham on top and return the to the Oven till crisp.
  8. Or top with Rocket – Shaved Parmesn – Grated Parmesan – Crumbled Blue Cheese –

How simple is that?