So you survived another year and the baubles and bangles either already away or imminently so. Oh and it wasn’t Christmas at all – you were that tad overweight in November so get over yourself. January of course can be somewhat chilling to the bone and depressing if the sky is grey and gloomy and it’s wet. Spring seems so far away with the short days and long dark nights. I always think it’s time for culinary creations of the cuddly kind – ones to warm the heart and kindle flames of satisfaction.

We all have our favourite ingredients – those that remind us of childhood follies,  favourite aunts or grandmothers. Some are simple like fish fingers or sausages others more complex like rabbit stew with pearl barley or corned beef hash. I wonder how many you can write down. Then you have foods that you have arrived at, some luxury as treats and some become a regular in your weekly diet regime. Maybe Saturday is Curry Night or Friday is Fish and Chips. Eventually we all arrive at a wall known as Menu Fatigue. This also happens when you frequent a favourite restaurant. It seems odd to me that specials often last for weeks or months but should really be changed regularly to tickle your taste buds and keep your palate interested, reserving the main menu as a fall back.

Creating from fridge and freezer is also an adventure and this concoction unfolded the other evening by chance.

Fish Pasta with Cardinale Sauce (cheating !)

Firstly make a Sauce by combining 1 tin of Tomato Soup, 1 tin of Chopped Tomatoes and about three Fish Stock Cubes. You can add more to taste. Add a slug of Brandy or Rum. Check the seasoning and finish with a dollop of Double Cream. ( Thicken with a couple of egg yolks and butter if a little too thin)

Next cook some of your chosen Pasta (fresh from the Supermarket) I chose Mushroom Tortellini (1 Packet) and Gnocchi (1 Packet) drain and put to one side.

Then I sautéed some baby scallops (2 Packets) and cubed white fish (1 Packet Bassa Fillets). Defrost some Leaf Spinach (drain and heat in the Microwave)

With the Sauce nicely hot I added the Pasta as well as the hot Spinach and mixed. Piled into large soup bowls and topped with the fish concoction. Finally with a little remaining Sauce coat the fish.

All enough for about 4 people – sprinkle with chopped parsley for that final finish and serve. Hot Crusty bread to accompany if you like.