Do you recognise arriving at a point in the week or day when you stop and realise you have lost the plot. Suddenly you panic forgetting what you were planning to do, or even didn’t have a plan, but suddenly realise something has to happen. This is defined as panic management. So many people have it just about the time they realise that supper or dinner has to be on the table for the hungry vultures. Many resort to convenience foods or take-away.


So many times I have written about planning. A quiet moment constructing a plan for the ensuing week or two, where you at least have a structure of ingredients at hand to conjure up that little bit of magic. The other special magic of course is to prepare something for another day at the same time. A Casserole doubled and half frozen for another day. Double potatoes or vegetables and create something the next day. Extra baked potatoes can become stuffed potatoes or sauté. Blanched vegetables can become vegetable bakes with pasta or mashed and made into hash or cakes.


The other cross that is born is by one very simple question. “What would you like for Dinner?”  It starts at childbirth and then forever becomes a burden of life for the producers of food. If you are cooking, no one should be asked what they want, they should have two choices. Take it or leave it! And NO alternatives. That’s assuming you are not being paid for the production. The choice is yours to become a slave to the culinary diversities of your family or not.


Breakfast or Brunch Hash


Cubed Boiled Potatoes

Fine Diced Onion

Sliced Mushrooms

Sliced Chorizo

Worcester Sauce

White Wine


Toasted Brioche

Olive Oil


Sweat off the onions till translucent. Add the Chorizo – a few shakes of Worcester Sauce and splash of White Wine. Bring to the boil and reduce the liquor to concentrate the flavour. Add the mushrooms – stir and cook. Finally add the Potatoes and heat them through slightly browning them taking care not to break them up.

Toast the Brioche slices and when ready pile the hash on top and serve topped with a fried egg to finish is all off.