I don’t know about you but I am sure we have all been through a bread making phase at some point in time. Whether having been given or bought a Bread Maker or beaten up a portion of dough by hand. A great thing to do in the holidays with the young but I guess time consuming and as many say – fresh baked bread doesn’t last very long and gets eaten far too quickly especially by the ‘maker’

Of course another factor is the ingredients and the mystery of yeast – the dilemma of fresh or dried – normal of fast acting. Like most things practice makes perfect and you can find your own preferences. However if you don’t do it you won’t get that opportunity.

If you do bake, then of course Soda Bread is a good way of not having to deal with yeast. Soda Bread is really best on the day of baking and does not do well if not eaten till the next day.

When it comes to Al Fresco and BBQ’s depending on your ingredients when torpedo rolls or buns are required a good bread to accompany meats and fish can always be appreciated. I recently found the range of Frozen to Oven Bake at Iceland – reasonably priced good quality artisan breads ready to bake and serve.

On the other hand explore a range of breads that can be made quite easily and quickly with no fuss and are scrumptious.


Tomato Basil and Goats Cheese Loaf

4ozs butter

11ozs Self Raising Flour

½ tsp Salt

6ozs Goats Cheese or feta – flaked or grated

6ozs Firm Cherry Tomatoes – (halved)

15g Basil

3 1/2 ozs Milk

3 Eggs

Mix Fat and Flour (Rub together) and add 2/3 of the Cheese and Tomatoes. Tear in the Basil

Mix Egg and Milk add and mix.

Place into a lined loaf tin and top with remaining Cheese

Bake in Oven at 180C Gas 4 for 45 – 50 minutes

Check that the centre is cooked with a skewer.

Cool and slice