Childhood memories of food abound with most of us. Maybe we can regard some of our favourites as ‘cuddles food’ That which we return to for comfort when we are ill or stressed or just need something comforting. Stews and Braised Meats were always a favourite often flavoured with swede giving them that very definitive flavour.

I had a strange curiosity knowing that my uncle bred rabbits and my Grandmother would occasionally produce a rabbit stew laced with pearl barley and vegetables. I am not sure now if it registered with me the relationship with my uncle’s visit and the dish put on the table at the time. However rabbit is a hearty, healthy and very acceptable alternative to chicken and is often found now in the shops. If you can’t bring yourself to eating rabbit then chicken thighs can be used for this recipe.


Rabbit Stew

5ozs Prunes soaked in Brandy and 2ozs Brown Sugar

2 Rabbits – jointed – you can ask the butcher

Plain Flour

4ozs of Streaky Bacon Bits

2 medium Carrots peeled and chopped

1 large onion – peeled and chopped

1 Garlic Clove  crushed

Couple Sticks of celery –chopped


Red Wine

Chicken Stock

Dust Rabbit joints in flour and fry until golden brown in a little oil and set aside in an oven proof dish.

Add the Bacon and Vegetables to the pan and fry until starting to colour

Then add the Red Wine and Stock.

Add Prunes to Rabbit and then add the herbs and Vegetables, Bacon and Liquid.

Season, Cover and place in a pre heated oven 140 degrees for about 2 hours.


Served with Gnocchi – Steamed Rice or Tagliatelle