It is interesting and maybe inspiring, answering quandaries and questions or just adventuring ideas about food and its creation. Though there is very little that is new and that has not been done before. As we progress and hear that over stretched expression ‘Think Outside the Box’ now has a very apt response ‘There is NO Box’ only the one that you chose to sit in – so it is self inflicted as are our food prejudices, likes and dislikes.

apples-and-pearsAn elderly friend loves good perceived ‘old fashioned’ puddings like Rhubarb Crumble. Cooking for one is no real joy and the ready made crumbles at the supermarkets lack quantities of fruit and provide little satisfaction. My result – a tin of Stewed Rhubarb put into an oven proof dish and topped with a packet of ready made crumble. No more effort than heating a ready bought one but far more satisfying.

As autumn approaches, we see tress filled with fruits and hedge rows brimming with berries. The thrifty of course will prepare and freeze quantities but if you have a couple of pounds then a crumble of some sort is always a joy.

The packets of crumble ready mix can be very useful for the store cupboard and can always be spiced up with a little cinnamon or mixed spice.

Other adventures could be some crushed Hob Nob Biscuits mixed with some Roasted nuts of your choice and sprinkled onto your chosen fruit and quickly toasted under a grill until golden and then served. You could of course use a combination of BerriesDigestive and Hob Nobs.

Alternatively lay whole Hob Nobs overlapping them on top of the fruit – sprinkle with Demerara Sugar and toast under the grill until the sugar has melted and caramelised. (Do make sure that the Sugar is fresh and moist and not dried out)

Cornflake Crumble

Rub together 2oz of Flour and 2oz of Cold Butter (cubed) to breadcrumbs.

Add 8ozs of Cornflakes (you could use Frosties) and a little sugar to taste.

Sprinkle over your chosen prepared fruit and bake in a hot oven until golden brown and the fruit is bubbling underneath.

Cornflake Crumble2